Expected combination from LMAS Wannawinemall

La Luna Patrones Got a Secret
Owned by Damien Rameau, France

10 April / Red Roan Filly
Results Dwarfism Test Sire and Dam: N/N

37.50%     Black Pinto
18.75% Blue Roan Pinto
18.75% Blue Roan
18.75% Red Roan Pinto
6.25% Red Roan

Expected combinations from EBF Johns Extasy

Kickapoos Gypsy Rose

MJ Extasy's Gypsy Reign of Gold
Palomino Splash Colt with 2 blue eyes
12 March at 313 days

25.00%     Palomino
25.00% Palomino Pinto
25.00% Palomino Splash
25.00% Palomino Tovero

MJ Queen Of Hearts Winsemall
Owned by Marianne Ghysels, Belgium

Extasy's Heart Of Domino
4 April / Smoky Black Pinto Colt
Results Dwarfism Test Sire and Dam: N/N

37.50%     Palomino Pinto
28.13% Buckskin Pinto
12.50% Palomino
9.38% Buckskin
9.38% Smoky Black Pinto
3.13% Smoky Black

Mini Persuasions Bling Queen
Multiple European Champion & ICAMH Performance & Driving Horse of the year 2017
Owned by Daniel and Ina Frenzel, Germany

Result Dwarfism Test Sire and Dam: N/N

Expecting 28 April
Vet checked

75.00%     Palomino Pinto    
25.00%   Palomino

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