Joy Horse Goddess of Bourbon   SOLD to Czech Republic

MJ Graceful Symphony Winsemall   SOLD to France

Highlands Silver Ebony    SOLD to France

MJ Charming Milo Winsemall  SOLD to Germany

MJ Delicate Blue Monty Winsemall  SOLD to Germany

LEB Daddys Birthday Present  SOLD to Italy

MJ Captain Jack Sparrow   SOLD to Holland

Ten Ls Bikini Buff   SOLD to Belgium

MJ Renaissance Sunset on Fire  SOLD to Ireland

Down Yonders Duchess Royale  SOLD to France

MJ Delicate Blue Moon Winsemall   SOLD to Sweden

Marschwood Awesome Secret   SOLD to England

Ten Ls Angel In The Buff   SOLD to Russia

Erica's Gone Platinum   SOLD to England

Down Yonders Princess Royale    SOLD to England

MJ Delicate Flower
    SOLD to England

Fallen Ash Eagles Charm  SOLD to England

MJ Splash In The Dark Winsemall    SOLD to Poland

Reflections Renaissance Star  SOLD to Sweden

So Chich Gosh Gatsby
  SOLD to England

MJ Breaking Dawn Winsemall  SOLD to Holland

Lotsafun Wonders U Missed A Spot SOLD to Sweden

MJ Catching Fire Winsemall  SOLD to England

MJ Renaissance Lily  SOLD to England

MJ Rock The World Winsemall  SOLD to England

MJ Little Miss Perfect Winsemall  SOLD to Belgium

DBM Lookers Painted Bay Dancer  SOLD to Sweden

Nakar Snow Crystal Just N Time  SOLD to Sweden

MJ Renaissance In Style
  SOLD to Poland

Shady Trail Aristocrats Lenten Rose  SOLD to Germany

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