Foals 2015


MJ Renaissance Sunset on Fire
Bay Filly

16 February
Result Dwarfism Test Sire and Dam: N/N

MJ Silver Grace Winsemall
Blue Roan Filly
20 March
Result Dwarfism Test Sire and Dam: N/N

MJ Splash In The Dark Winsemall
Black Pinto Colt
8 May
Result Dwarfism Test Sire and Dam: N/N

Foals expecting at our friends breeding farm

Congratulations with a beautiful black pinto filly!

12.50% Smoky Blue Roan
 12.50% Smoky Black Pinto
12.50% Buckskin Roan     
12.50% Buckskin Pinto     
12.50% Blue Roan           
12.50% Black Tobiano      
12.50% Bay Roan            
12.50% Bay Tobiano       

Congratulations with a beautiful silverbay pinto filly!

12.50% Red Roan Pinto      
12.50% Red Roan               
9.38% Silver Bay Tobiano   
9.38% Silver Bay Roan        
9.38% Silver Black Tobiano 
9.38% Silver Blue Roan       
9.38% Bay Tobiano            
9.38% Bay Roan                
9.38% Black Tobiano         
9.38% Blue Roan              

Congratulations with a beautiful bay filly!

12.50% Black Pinto       
12.50% Black Pintaloosa
12.50% Black Appaloosa
12.50% Black                
12.50% Bay Pinto          
12.50% Bay Pintaloosa   
12.50% Bay Appaloosa   
12.50% Bay