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Expecting 12 March

EBF John's Extasy  x  STP Beethovens Grace N Honey

18.75% Silver Buckskin
18.75% Silver Buckskin Pinto
18.75% Buckskin

18.75% Buckskin Pinto

6.25% Silver Smoky Black

6.25% Silver Smoky Black Pinto

6.25% Smoky Black

6.25% Smoky Black Pinto

Jace - 2019-12.jpg

EBF John's Extasy


STP Beethovens Grace N Honey

Foals 2022: Producten

Expecting 10 April

EBF John's Extasy  x  Alliance Roses on Fire

50.00% Palomino

50.00% Palomino Pinto

Foals 2022: Producten

Alliance Roses on Fire


EBF John's Extasy

Expecting 16 May

EBF John's Extasy  x  MJ Queen of Hearts Winsemall

37.50% Palomino Pinto

28.13% Buckskin Pinto

12.50% Palomino
9.38% Buckskin

9.38% Smoky Black Pinto

3.13% Smoky Black

Jace - 2019-3.jpg

EBF John's Extasy

Jesse - 2019-20.jpg

MJ Queen Of Hearts Winsemall

Foals 2022: Producten

Expecting 27 May

LMAS Wannawinemall  x  MJ Delicate Flower

18.75% Black Pinto
18.75% Silverdapple Pinto
18.75% Red Roan Pinto
9.38% Silver Blue Roan Pinto
9.38% Silver Blue Roan
9.38% Blue Roan Pinto

9.38% Blue Roan
6.25% Red Roan

Foals 2022: Producten

MJ Delicate Flower


LMAS Wannawinemall

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