Nakar Snow Crystal Just N Time

Nakar Snow Crystal Just N Time

Roepnaam: Snowy
Lucky Four Skippa Snow Storm
Moeder: SA Tattoos Skipper
Moedersvader: Tanyas Little Tatoo
Geboortedatum: 27-04-2005
Geslacht: Merrie
Kleur: Buckskin
Stokmaat: 82,5 cm
Fokker: Karin P. Santangelo

Snow Crystal has been sold to a wonderful new home in Sweden
We congratulate Helena Dahlberg on the purchase of Snowy
She will leave together with Missy, Dancer and Renaissance

Uitslag kleurentest: EE, Aa, nCr en LWO negatief

Veulens van Snow Crystal:

2009: Oasis XS A Whiter Shade of Pale    Sire: Little Kings Casper Buck
2011: MJ Snow Crystals Sunny Boy    Sire: Lucky Four Black Velvet Supreme
2012: MJ Little Miss Perfect Winsemall   Sire: LMAS Wannawinemall
2013: MJ Catching Fire Winsemall   Sire: LMAS Wannawinemall